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Material Of PU Leather

- Oct 21, 2017 -

PU skin is a synthetic imitation leather material, but it is not the artificial leather we often say, PU leather is not like the surface of artificial leather coating plasticizer, to achieve the purpose of softness, its own soft characteristics, so put it in the gasoline soaked for more than half an hour, it is still soft, It will not be like artificial leather because of the surface of the plasticizer and harden to become brittle. A bit more high-grade pu leather is in the two layer leather surface coated PU resin, because of its unique technology and variety of novel, and by the vast number of consumers love.

PU leather It has excellent wear resistance, excellent ventilation, anti-aging performance, soft and comfortable, has a strong flexibility, its appearance is most like leather, its product thickness uniformity, tearing strength, color brightness and the utilization ratio of leather surface is superior to natural leather.