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Identification Methods Of Two-layer Skin And Artificial Leather

- Oct 21, 2017 -

1. Hand identification: With the hands down, there is a wrinkle is true cowhide, no wrinkles is the cow two layer or pu skin.

2. Visual identification: Observe the true leather surface has a clearer pores, patterns, cattle skin has a more symmetrical fine pores, yak skin has a thicker and sparse pores, goat skins have fish scaly pores, pigskin has triangular coarse pores, and artificial leather, although also imitation pores, but not clear.

3. Odor identification: Odor can not be identified, there is leather flavor, is the tannery unqualified products, the factory is not out of a little, such leather easy to counter slightly, shoes in just the factory has a glue odor, has covered the leather taste. Odor identification is not scientific.

4. Combustion identification: Combustion identification of this is false, the fire is false, artificial leather can be used to burn fire, heating test natural leather generally does not change with the ambient temperature changes in the soft and hard touch, artificial leather, synthetic leather in the refrigerator freeze temperature feel stiff, in the light baking is a soft.