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How To Add Score On Your Christmas Party

- Dec 16, 2017 -

How to Add Score On Your Christmas Party


As we all known, the party mood is moody, it always depends on your appearance, like the color of cloth, the style of shoe, and the class of your bag.


1 Winners wear gold

Red?  Too literal. White?  Too pristine and pure and sugarplum. This season’s party color is gold, which has impeccably Christmassy pedigree all the way from the Three Kings to Ferrero Rocher wrappers. The moodiness of this season’s party wear lends itself to dark colors over bright, just as it favors scaly sequins over cozy cashmere. But gold works well, being festive but with a touch of mystery. Gold dresses appeared in lots of this winter’s catwalk collections, often with a fairytale or romantic back story: Sicilian Little Red Riding Hood at Dolce & Cabana, Bardot-channels-Romanov-exile at Erdem. Look for rich, burnished gold the shade of buried treasure, rich brocade textures, and a soft burnished glow. As always this season, dress for vodka shots, not mulled wine: think black ankle boots and lots of eyeliner.


2  Taxi shoes are over

It took us 10 years, but we got there in the end: fashion is officially over the shoe with the 45-minute pain threshold.

Recent years, glitter shoes have been a fashion trade, it would make you spark on the party.


3 When you want to have fun, start with your bag

If there’s one piece that will update your look in seconds, it’s a really special bag. This is not a new concept: the minimum-effort piece that turns up the value. Now that the contents of your bag have been slimmed down – remember when you used to take an A-Z and a camera on nights out? – the bag is just for fun. And it looks it.