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Five Reasons For The Prevalence Of PVC

- Oct 21, 2017 -

1. High Safety performance: PVC Safety performance is very high. PVC is the only material in many plastics that has been proven to store human blood cells. PVC has passed a large number of European food contact and medical certification.

2. Durable: PVC universal and durable. Light weight, good toughness and durability-is the ideal material in the field of construction. Because of high clarity and excellent sensory performance, PVC is also suitable for some short-term applications such as food packaging.

3. Conserve fossil fuels: PVC can save fossil fuels. PVC is made from 57% sodium chloride and 43% oil, which is the least fossil fuel used by PVC compared to other general-purpose plastics.

4. Energy Saving: PVC uses less energy. PVC production process is the most common plastic consumption of the least energy of the species.

5. Low carbon emissions: PVC is relatively small in the production process.