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Characteristics Of Sheep Skin

- Oct 21, 2017 -

The characteristic of sheepskin is that the pores of the grain face are oblate, and the inner leather is more oblique. Clear pores, a number of rows into a group, arranged very like the scale or zigzag, pattern features such as "Water ripple" shape, sheepskin light, thin, soft, leather clothing is the ideal fabric, made of beautiful clothing patterns, soft and natural luster, thin and soft, elastic, It's just not as strong as leather and pigskin.

Sheep skin: More fat in the cortex, the skin of the fibrous tissue relaxation, very soft, fine and smooth grain surface, extensibility, but not strong.

Goat Sheepskin: The cortex is less fat, the fibrous tissue is fuller than the sheep skin, the pores are clear, the cortex is elastic, and it is solid and durable.