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Application Of Artificial Leather

- Oct 21, 2017 -

In the early 20th century, the nitrocellulose lacquer cloth made of nitrocellulose Sol was a pioneer of artificial leather. In the 30 's, PVC industrialized production opened up new raw material resources for artificial leather, and promoted the development of leather production. Polyvinyl chloride added plasticizer, stabilizer, etc. made of paste easy coloring, coating gel, after printing, embossing or embossing, printing, can be made into a variety of appearance and leather similar products.

Its breathable, moisture permeability, such as natural leather, but with a certain strength and wear resistance, especially the production of simple, rich raw materials, product quality uniformity, easy to cut use, light weight, water resistance, low cost, it is widely used in the production of clothing, shoes and hats, bags, furniture, decorations and various industrial accessories.