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PVC Leather How much do you know?

- Oct 21, 2017 -

PVC Artificial Leather: is a variety of fabrics for the substrate, combined with the PVC foam layer, and then surface processing of leather, with soft feel, similar to the surface of the dermis and different surface touch, durable and easy to process, is a cheap product. Artificial leather is the first invention for the leather fabric substitutes, is to use PVC plasticizer and other additives calendering composite cloth made, the advantage is cheap, rich color, a variety of patterns, the disadvantage is easy to harden, brittle.

The leather synthetic leather industry in China is a new industry after the founding of the PRC, and it developed in the late 50, which is one of the earliest industries in the plastic industry. After nearly several decades of construction, especially the recent 20-year high speed development, leather synthetic leather industry has a considerable economic scale; with the development of domestic and foreign high-tech and advanced process equipment application, industry management, technical level, product grade has a fundamental qualitative leap, Leather synthetic leather has developed into one of the most important industries in the daily consumer products industry, and it is one of the major production countries, large consumption countries and import and export trade countries in the world.