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Fastness of Leather

- Oct 21, 2017 -

(1) Tensile strength: refers to the leather unit cross-section can withstand the maximum tensile load force, this indicator is surface leather fastness of one of the important indicators. In other words, the tensile strength is the size of the leather break.

(2) Tearing strength: refers to the leather unit thickness can withstand the maximum strength of the continued tearing, it mainly shows the leather after stitching, pinhole can withstand the size of the external tension, so if the leather tearing strength is too low, it is easy to tear from the pinhole or other areas where the mouth.

(3) Crack strength: Refers to the leather is top and make inside (surface) when the crack, its unit area Bear load force, this strength index mainly reflects the machinability of leather, and in actual wear time is not very important.

(4) Flexural strength: Refers to the leather through repeated changes in the surface of the damage caused by the number of bends, this indicator of the height of some leather products (such as leather shoes) wear life has a great impact. For example, the flexural strength of ox soft upper leather is dozens of times times higher than that of ox-modified upper leather, and the bending resistance of the former is much higher than that of the latter.