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Advantages of decorating Leather

- Oct 21, 2017 -

1. Environmental protection: Decorative leather is also called polyurethane synthetic leather, is a kind of gum processing, raw materials environmental protection, compared to the leather more environmentally friendly, leather from animals, high cost and variety and color is not enough to meet the needs of everyone.

2. Flame Retardant: flame-retardant decorative leather with the fire does not melt drops, not to burn, do not take black smoke, no poison, will curl, carbonation, after repeated washing still maintain the flame retardant properties of permanent flame-retardant products. Applicable to home furnishings, hotel decoration, KTV, shopping malls and other public occasions.

3. Wear-Resisting: PU in the surface coating will add wear-resistant additives, so decorative leather will be more wearable. Wear-resistant test standards are generally used H18 sand wheel and 500 load to test.

4. Waterproof, moisture-proof: decorative leather itself is a gum made of plastic products, has a strong waterproof, moisture-proof. The ability to mold mildew, scrub more convenient, better protection of the wall body.

5. Wide range of uses: Decorative leather is not only used for soft bags, many hotel decoration is also used leather, KTV wall decoration is also used leather, can also be used for sofas, door and a variety of DIY decoration, such as my personal use of decorative leather as a tablecloth is also a good choice OH

6. Cheap: Decorative leather than the price of leather is much cheaper, leather from the animal itself, the finished product high, the characteristics of decorative leather can be achieved.